10 Email Marketing Best Practices

Email Marketing is one of the best ways to reach your target audience directly and tell them what you are offering. Having said that, you cannot just draft an email and send it to your readers. It should have a piece of decent information that triggers interest in your reader’s mind to know more about your services. If you desire to get a good ROI, then implement the best practices of email marketing and enjoy the benefits.

  1. Recipients Email List: Firstly, you require a recipient’s email list for email marketing. How you collect these email addresses makes a lot of difference. If you are buying the data from a third party, it is more likely that you have plenty of invalid email addresses in the list. Moreover, these people haven’t subscribed to your email. The list may or may not contain the relevant audience email addresses. Using this data may result in people marking you as spam. Therefore, use the contact list from your website or a landing page. People who subscribe to your newsletters or other updates are likely to open your email, improving deliverability and credibility. 
  2. Email Design: Once you have the email list, the next thing you want to do is design a nice email. An appealing email design can provoke your audience’s mind to read the email and share it with their contacts. Therefore, keep your email design attractive and clean.  
  3. Keep your content straightforward: Be clear in communicating what are you trying to convey to your subscribers. Highlight keywords, making it obvious for your subscribers to understand the purpose of the email. Remember, the design and the content should always complement each other to grab the reader’s attention.
  4. Add relevant Call to Action buttons: Having appropriate call-to-action buttons will increase engagements. You may want your reader to land on your website to read more information about the product or service you offer or provide an option to buy a product or follow you on social media platforms. Rightly placed CTA buttons are vital to get the desired results. 
  5. Include an unsubscribe button in your email: Always provide an option to opt out or unsubscribe to the email. This helps you avoid getting marked spam by your readers. If a reader feels that the email content is not relevant, they should be able to unsubscribe from the email immediately. Usually, the unsubscribe buttons are placed in the footer of the email. Keep the unsubscribing process simple and easy. A tedious process may trigger your reader to mark you spam. 
  6. Avoid no-reply in the sender’s email address: Human touch is critical to building rapport with your subscribers. Instead of using no-reply email addresses, use a human name in the sender’s email address. 
  7. Personalize the greetings: Customize your email by addressing it to the receiver’s name to make it feel more professional and personal to the receiver. This will foster your relationship with your subscriber.
  8. Craft a strong subject line: Keep your subject line short and catchy to prompt them to open the email. Avoid unnecessary urgency and add relevant keywords in the subject line. 
  9. Add a professional email signature: Including a professionally designed email signature in the email is one more way of showing your professionalism and providing a personal touch. Do not forget to include the name of the sender, contact details, position of the sender, logo, company name, website address, and social media links in the email signature. All this information will help the receivers connect back with you whenever they want to.
  10. Make sure your email is responsive on all devices: You never know on what device your subscribers will open the email. A non-responsive design may put your audience’s interest off as it may look unclean and non-aligned. Opting for a responsive email template will not only help your audience read the email on all devices, but it gives them a feel of your professionalism. 

Double-check the email template on all devices to see if there are any responsiveness issues, make sure the email opens within two secs after the subscriber clicks on the email and that CTA buttons and animations (if any) are working fine. Nobody wants to spend too much time reading an email. Therefore, keep it crisp and to the point.

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