5 Digital Marketing Difficult Client Questions


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Over the years we have grown and surely could not have grown this far without the trust and confidence of our clients. They have sharpened our instincts, research abilities and made sure we stopped at nothing but the best.We thank you all.

Every time we discussed Marketing Strategy, there were questions hurled at us and more often than not were at a loss of words.Not that we could not answer them but more because we felt our clients needed to be understood since it was their hard earned money and their reputation that was at stake. It always took us back to the drawing board, researched and came back with answers. Guess what, the hard work paid. Clients trusted us and now been working with us.

Over the years we have had some classic questions. We have chosen the best 5, with a focus on Digital (Social Media) Marketing, that we answered earning their trust and good will.

These pointers may help you as service providers answer a few questions and may also help your clients get answers. May we all grow and flourish.

1. Does Online [Social Media] Marketing help my business?

The whole universe lives in the World Wide Web [www] .We usually tell our clients – “you can only run but can’t hide”. Online marketing and all its tools are here to stay.On the contrary, not using Online media and related strategy can do more harm than good. Reliability and Sustainability are key factors than can get impacted by not using Online Marketing.

Brand Awareness is built.

2. Does my company need a Blog?

Absolutely! A blog these days is Mandatory and a non -negotiable component of any strategy. An excellent opportunity to provide fresh and relevant content, elevate yourself to the level of an influencer and earn the reputation of a leader in your space. Fresh and relevant content creates curiosity among your customers and sets the Google algorithms racing to drive that traffic to your website.

Visibility is assured.

3.Online Marketing is Expensive. Is there no other way out?

We understand! As Business owners you want to see results fast.You want to see value for the money spent. However, you would understand this better, when you look at Marketing more as an investment than an expense. Marketing takes time to mature. Results are volatile based on market conditions. Results vary based on presence of competition and service you have to offer. We urge you to see that the results are not tangible but more based on leads generated, visits to your website, prospective calls all of which can translate to future business, if nurtured well.

Give us that opportunity.

4. Can we try Online Marketing for a month and review the situation?

We would love you to try for a month but unfortunately the answer is NO! It is crucial to remember that Marketing is a marathon and not a race. You need to engage your customers as frequently as it is needed to throw stones into a still lake to create those ripples. Content needs to be fresh and churned out the minute it is produced.The minimum time we suggest is 3 months. Anything less than that, we suggest you don’t spend that money at all.

Give us that time.

5.What is the importance of Content?

Critically Crucial! Content today is being consumed at the speed of light, if not faster.Your customers base their decisions on the content they get and they want it NOW. Content today focuses on the customers need first, to provide genuinely helpful information in order to create a relationship that is trust based and influence them to make a purchase decision in your favour.

Customer is King!

Many of us in this service space strive to provide our clients with the best possible strategy and deliverables. Our efforts are to grow and we are aware that we can grow only if our clients grow. So let’s join hands to create that eco-system.

Do write in for your comments on this article to chetan@brewmybrand.com.

I’am Chetan Shivakumar, a Business Coach and Entrepreneur ,turbo charging businesses for 20 years and would be happy to help aspiring Business owners to reach their goals and vision.

My team and myself at brewmybrand.com have delivered some amazing content and strategy for businesses.

Call on us in the USA – 602-294-9238 or India – 910-856-3359.We would be happy to help

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