Importance of Social Media Optimization


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In today’s modern age on an average, people are spending 2-3 hours a day on social media networking and messaging platform across the globe. A survey conducted in 2018, the number of social media users worldwide 3.196 billion, up 13% year on year. Hence it has become the best suitable path to reach the targeted audience for any business.

What is social media optimization?

SMO (Social Media Optimization) is an act of making best or most effective use of all social networking and messaging platforms in order to reach maximum targeted customers and convey the message, creating the brand value and increasing the visibility of the brand for any business.

Why it is important to optimize social media for any business?

In today’s competitive market where rivalries are in every street, it is being tough to attract the customers towards your door. Here is the place where social media marketing plays a vital role to get more engagements, impressions and lead generations. The social media presence of your business also created loyalty towards customers in return you get customers trust to buy your products.

An internet world is an open space for everyone. Any single negative review of a brand is viewed by a mass which further leads to damage to the brand’s credibility. Hence optimizing your social media is the most important factor to maintain your brand image. A better social media optimization services can gear up the desired results.

How Social media marketing helps business to grow:

Comprehensive market reach:

In this digital world, social media marketing has enhanced the reach to the consumers four-fold over traditional marketing. This also gives a free marketing platform which reduces the cost of operation for any business. Moreover we can say through social media business can be easily reached even to consumer’s bedroom because before sleeping also one can consume the social media, see promotions, blogs related to products shared by their friends and they can go to bed by making decision or at least to reach to the company website for his/her purchase decision.

Visibility of your brand:

Social media not only gives life support to giant corporates but it also nurtures the small scale business to grow up by reaching their products to the right customers. This further attracts them to come to the store to buy the product or at least to see the product if it is worth or not. Hence in this way, social media provide brand awareness for your business.

Unique traffic is driven:

Social media platforms provide an exact reach to the customers who are looking for a similar kind of products or the same products. But for this, there is also a key factor that your brand should be promoted on all social media platforms and the reason behind this to make sure your brand is reaching to every targeted audience. This helps people to realize the goal of your business or company and further leads to being trusted upon it.

Reduces your marketing investments:

As nowadays the internet has become cheaper and even free in public places, encourages people to consume more and more internet contents. This digital marketing technique provides huge benefit over traditional marketing which is incurred with bulk pricing for promotions.

Increase in Sales conversion:

Finally for which always a businessman waiting for. Social media marketing can enhance your sales graph to 3 fold by promoting business to all social media platforms. It also promises the right customer for the right product or at least the customers who are looking for the same kind of products. Hence where the term comes to increase in sales there is a must need of optimization of all available marketing resources to ensure growth in the business.

Social media optimizations techniques:

Optimization of your social media strategy:

The first step is to optimize all social media strategy made for online promotions. A lack of social media strategy is the biggest barrier for most of the corporates for becoming a social business. In order to optimize your social media marketing campaign need to ensure all business goals and objectives are well defined and clear.

A social media optimization strategy should concern on increasing your presence and achieving measurable outputs.

Need a broad keyword research:

A keyword is nothing but identifying the words & phrases and topics that your target audience are searching for. Hence it is important for you to know the topics, hashtags and keywords use by the target audience. There are many keywords research tools are available such as Ubersuggest, LSI keywords, Hashtagify etc.

Optimize your social media profile:

Social media profile for any company is foundation for their business, if it is weak then it is hard to build anything on it. The foundation can be made strong by just practicing followings:

Profile photo: Always ensure your business profile photo indicates organization’s value hence it is better to have logo of your company.

Profile name: Use your company name so that customer can find easily by just searching the brand name. You can use a tool like Knowem to check brand name availability.

Complete Bio-data: Always state clear what your business is about and what actually you do? It is required to provide backlinks to your company websites to increase more traffic to website. This job can be easily done by adding relevant keyword to your social media pages.

Using of # Hashtags: Nowadays hashtags are becoming synonyms for social media marketing and why not as it makes easy to track trending topics, indexing all social media post relevant to same products for social media users.

Length of the post: Social media provides length of maximum characters for every posts, for example twitter provides 280 characters per post. But it does not mean that you need to use all, always an ideal length post can increase the people engagements to your posts.

Optimization of Social media posting schedule:

This depends on in which social media network you are posting and on your target audience. There are multiple social media managements tools are available which allows calendar for scheduling post for all social media platforms at one shot. As per research the ideal schedule for posting in all social platforms are following:

facebook:  3-10 times per week

Twitter: 5+ times per day

LinkedIn : 2-5 times per week

Pinterest : 5-10 times per day

Instagram: 3 post per day

Hiring a digital marketing agency:

This step can have a great benefit added to your business. When you tie up with any digital marketing agency where social media marketing professionals are employed can boost and analyse your social media networks and can also track for engagements, improvements need to be done for more impressions by implementing all digital marketing techniques on daily basis. Contact us for Digital Marketing Solutions.

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