The Importance of Digital Marketing


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I wake up in the morning, first I do is checking my emails, social media notifications and posts after that only will get ready for the office. I order my breakfast online after breakfast, book a cab to go office. Again in the office, I order lunch online, have lunch and start working. If I need something, will order online through an e-commerce website, or by seeing products suggested by my friends or colleagues in social media. Now after a hectic work schedule, it’s time to go back home again I book the online cab. Once I reach home will spend time in social media, will chat with my friends, family members or colleagues. Now it’s time to order dinner online, after dinner again will check emails, reading a few blogs shared on social media. So this is the daily schedule for most of us, where since morning to night till going bed for sleeping we are engaged completely with digitally online channels.

Here the point to understand is how digital technologies are converting our lives too comfortable and making us internet savvy. When it comes to business, digital marketing is rejuvenating all small and large scale businesses. Let’s understand why digital marketing is important for your business growth.

Cost effective:  Every business looks for the most prominent aspect that is the cost of operations. Lesser the cost of operations more is the profit to the organization. Here digital marketing is being a divine for small scale business which does not has assets or capital to invest in promotions, whereas large scale businesses are expanding their customer reach globally by completely transforming into digital marketing promotions.

As per Gartner’s Digital Marketing Spend Report-

“Up to 40% of business owners claimed to get considerable savings by using digital marketing methods of promotion for their products and services over the traditional marketing which incurred with more cost.”


Wide global reach: The fast expansions of smartphones have made a prominent and effective way to deliver your product or services promotions through mobile marketing. Nowadays these smartphones have become an important part of our life, even this saying will not be wrong that we can survive without water for a few days but not without our smartphones. In India now the mobile reach has increased to 85+ percentage and this is about to increase in forthcoming years.

Analyze your market: Digital marketing provides analysis for your marketing promotions like how many potential customers have seen your products, who and all interested in buying, also provide them feedback for improvements which are not possible by traditional marketing. By analyzing the marketing data a marketer can target potential customers or only for the age group and further can make his marketing strategies.

Brand awareness: Becoming a brand from just by business name is not going to be an easy task. But by promoting your business through digital channels ensure your business reaches to maximum people to aware what is your product is about and what is your company’s norms and value. This further creates loyalty and trust in customers towards your business by considering their valuable feedbacks, solving their problems pre and post sells helps a company to become a well-known brand in the market.

IOT (Internet of things): It is a system of interconnected devices or gadgets which includes tablets, PCs, laptops, mobile phones, appliances and so on. Digital marketing provides an interconnected platform that penetrates the lives of individuals and takes your product promotions to their bedrooms via IOT. This further increases the chance for lead conversions.

Finally, we can conclude by saying that digital marketing has proven its strength with driven results. Hence its time to understand the importance of this buzz strategy and taking a step towards adding value to your business promotions with Brew my brand which provides a comprehensive solution for all your digital marketing promotions need. We understand the business needs and understand the client’s prospects to give them better results with the revenue growth.

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