What clients really want from their agencies?


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Situations always turn sour when agency deliverables do not meet client expectations. The result is a disturbing fall out between the agency and client, loss of revenue, and bad word mouth. Indeed a toxic cocktail! In a customer is King scenario, quite naturally client is always right.

Agencies are the invisible Marketing Department for every client. We have to make their marketing work, else we are fired. We are fired even if we make it work is a different story.

So what goes wrong between the agency and the client? Surely not the budget, neither technology nor manpower & resources. So what’s ailing the eco-system? What does the client crave?

3 points on what clients need from an agency:

1.Understand their business and industry-Research and Approach

# 1 response of any industry leader on what they want from their agency was a well-researched approach of their Business and Industry as a whole. Your strategy will completely depend and enable their business to grow only when your understanding is complete. Make every effort to fulfill that duty. Your thoughts will align itself with optimum results.

2. Creativity-Unique

Every client aspires to be unique in his approach despite his competition. As their agency, you need to ensure the strategy and creative thoughts are unique to that client. Research and Understanding is the only way forward to ensure you succeed.

3. Consumer Pulse – The lifeline

Many of us are completely engrossed in the mundane work of meeting deadlines, churning creatives, and client management that we completely forget the client’s most essential need-His customers’ reactions to his products or services. A client would thank you 10 times over if you were able to throw in customer engagement into a strategy which we most of the time overlook.

Combine the points above and we have an awesome blend of a situation that can never go wrong with your client, be it expectation or deliverables.

Together at www.brewmybrand.com we make every effort to ensure Communication is at its optimum. Call us on USA: 602-294-9238 | India: 910-856-3359 for a better understanding.

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