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GJR international School

GJR international school which is one of the best international schools in Bangalore counts under key clients for us. Even being a best, they were struggling to fill the classrooms seats due to lack of lead generation advertisements and responsive website. Fewer admissions were causing a tight financial situation for School Management. The stars have risen for them once they collaborated with us.


The Comptroller’s Office Co-operative Bank is a Salary earner co-operative Bank registered under the Co-Operative Act. It is a bank of LIC employees and membership is given to Employees and Retired Employees of LIC within the State of Karnataka. The Bank is popularly known as COCB. The project’s requirement was to illustrate this website entirely informative with conventional government official distinctness. This was the first Government project for our organization where perfection was the prominent determined factor.

Sri Laxmi Hospital

This hospital’s website was lagging due to lack of technological upgradations, outdated coding methods, inferior alignment of website elements and text illustrating it unattractive. With world-class treatment facilities, they needed an online boost through a user-friendly informative website. We rebuild the hospital’s website and there was a good time started for them. Our web development team, understand and analyze the problem of the website and concluded rebuilding it. Here the requirement was a flexible, trendy and alluring website with optimized supreme contents in it. Through our responsive and user-friendly website-design hospital got benefitted with the huge number of regular appointments booked by visiting websites.

Omkar music festival

Omkar music festival 2019, added as one more chapter in our success narrative. As a branding, marketing, and advertising partner, Brew My Brand managed entire promotional ventures by creating stunning posters, flyers, event banners and advertised this event across all digital and online media channels. Through our Google ads and social media ads, we were able to gather the crowd in the convention hall. Our innovations, creativity and enormous effort, lead this event as greater success in Bangalore.


Website design for Twinepidemic ( a nonprofit organization in USA) was our first exposure to the cross border project. Even though we are situated in USA as well, but this project allowed us to become a part of an international collaboration. The website requirement was 100% responsive, user-friendly, reliable, alluring and completely optimized to accomplish the organizational objective of fundraisings. We will be always thankful to Mr. Kris Vijay Founder & President of Twinepidemic, has had more than 30 years of experience as a practicing physician. He trusted our skills, creativity and flawless approach which makes brands distinctive, sets them apart from their competitors and drives sustainable growth.


Krupalatha Martin Dass who is a social entrepreneur and had won the title of Mrs. USA internations 2018-19. She is a founder of Sukrupa organization a Non-profit organization based in Bangalore. As every NGOs, Sukrupa was also had a hard time to operate due to lack of funds, hence obviously looking for someone who can aid them to raise their funding. This is our first personal branding project through which we also explore the new fundraising opportunities for Sukrupa. Her complete social media profiles are managed by us regularly. By connecting Krupalatha across the globe through Linkedin connections, we found the corporate leaders who were interesting in helping Sukrupa by considering as a part of their CSR activities.

American University of Antigua

American University of Antigua is an international medical college founded in 2004. This was one of the most successful cross border projects and a precise illustration of our creativity. The project evolved to us to create admission forms, promotional pamphlets, leaflets and outdoor flyers with the requirement of customized designs, an appropriate color combination, appealing graphics and completely informative with content in it. Our seamless efforts strived in pleasing designs which were appreciated by the school management and students as well.

Magal Health Care

Magal Health Care is an Enterprise dedicated to service a very niche and highly specialized market for critical care, anesthesia and emergency care in India and some parts of Asia. With a range of world-class patented products that are meticulously sourced from some top few key Manufacturing Houses in the world. In the beginning, this healthcare business was not obtaining exposure in the healthcare sector across the globe. We selected Linkedin as the more appropriate platform to expand the business. This project is one of the immeasurable instances of LinkedIn marketing. By applying Linkedin marketing strategy we explored new business opportunities and expanded the network of the same healthcare, hospitals, and pharmaceutical profile. We started connecting people with the owner’s profile from just 150 connections and achieved a fantastic chain of the connections of more than 6,000 within a month. All connections were marketing qualified leads.