How does influencer marketing works?

Before we jump into knowing how influencer marketing works, let us understand what influencer marketing is and who is an influencer? Influencer marketing is the social media marketing technique of approaching influencers to promote or endorse your brand to their audience. Influencers are individuals who have an enormous following on social media. Influencers are regarded as the experts in their respective industries. Their recommendations are considered as a social proof to the brand.

Influencer Marketing has always been in fashion. Earlier, celebrities were approached to endorse the products. With the rise in social media influencers, influencer marketing trends have changed. People started following and trusting influencers before making a buying decision.

Digital influencers are content creators. They write highly engaging content with a lot of information that helps the reader to frame an opinion on the product, for example, product unboxing videos on YouTube.

There is a variety of content that influencers share on the internet.

  1. Product reviews 
  2. Unboxing Videos
  3. Special discounts or coupons by brands exclusively offered to the followers 
  4. Blogs and articles
  5. Promotions on fundraising events
  6. Webinars
  7. Giveaways

Since influencers can help you reach a specific audience, businesses can utilize this power to position their brand. The options can be endless on how you want to use influencers to promote your brand. The more unique strategy you build better will be the results.

Where do you find influencers?
Businesses today are looking for an influencer to increase their reach and build trust among the audience. There are many social media platforms where you can find the best influencer for your business. Instagram and LinkedIn are two of the social media platforms where you can find many. However, finding the right influencer could be a challenge these days, as there are many frauds on social media. You may have to do a study about the influencer before you approach them.

  1. Thoroughly read the posts and other content shared by the influencer on various platforms to understand their niche.
  2. Check the number of followers 
  3. Quality of their engagements 

How do you reach the influencers?

  1. Decide where you find your target audience and which social media or digital space best suits your business. 
  2. Try to see if an influencer has connected with you on the platform. If no influencer has connected with you, explore influencers from the relevant industry on the digital platform. Using the appropriate keywords is the key to finding a suitable influencer. 
  3. Reach them with a well-defined purpose.
  4. Be open to discussing new ideas. You never know an influencer can come up with a unique strategy you never thought of.
  5. Build a strategy that includes timelines and specific goals. 
  6. Set goals that are achievable. Influencers can help you reach the right audience. They are not magicians who will bring a massive business overnight for you. 

The impact of influencer marketing is huge. If used wisely, a new brand can position itself very soon in the market. An existing brand can increase brand awareness. Brands should focus on having a long-term relationship with the influencer. This helps in building trust among the audience.

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