How To Choose A Right Social Media Platform For Branding

Having a presence on all social media platforms is one thing. But, reaching the right audience and creating an impact on their minds is another. The reason is there are several social media platforms available on the internet. How do you know which of the platforms suits your business? Where will you find your audience? 

Every business seems like racing these days. Everyone wants to be present everywhere with no proper thought process and strategy involved in marketing. So here we are throwing some light on the topic in this article. 

Though there are more than 133+ social media platforms in 2022, you may not want to put your efforts on all social media platforms as it is exhausting and unnecessary to invest your time and efforts to make your presence felt on all platforms. Having said that, you may want to choose the platforms that are globally used and popular among the crowd and can be beneficial to your business. For example, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

Factors to consider while choosing a social media platform for branding

Analyze your business – 

Before you plan any marketing strategy, analyze to whom you are offering your services or products. Whether you intend to sell your services and products to end customers or other businesses. This should be your first step toward planning your marketing strategy.  

If you closely observe, a few platforms are appropriate for B2B businesses, and a few are suitable for B2C. For example, if you run a salon, then your presence on Facebook and Instagram is crucial. LinkedIn may not be helpful. On the other hand, if you are a technology company, LinkedIn might prove the best platform for you. 


Know your audience –

The next step is to understand your audience. Who can use your products or services? Gender, age group, and location all play a critical role while planning a marketing strategy. Also, at what time are your audience active on the platform? Analyzing your audience’s behavior and their needs becomes an essential aspect while you plan your marketing strategy. 


Planning your Social Campaigns –

Every social media platform has some special features that businesses can explore. For example, you can publish reels and stories on Instagram. Whereas an article or a newsletter may bring visibility on LinkedIn. Therefore, curate content that can help you meet your business goal on the respective platform.


Competitor Analysis – 

Keep an eye on your competitor’s marketing strategies. You might be missing something really important in your strategy. If you have missed any feature a platform has, your competitor might educate you about it. Competitor analysis always helps you keep yourself updated on the latest trends. 


Check your performance on the social media platform –

You might have done a lot of research before planning your marketing strategy. Sometimes even a well-planned strategy might not fetch you the expected results. Therefore, checking the performance of your posts regularly is essential to analyze what posts brought you better engagements. Almost all social media platforms offer analytics tools. 

In a nutshell, keep track of everything related to your branding. Your brand voice decides your position in the market and hence the brand’s trust and sustainability. 

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