Create A Buzz With A Killer Press Release!

A stunning headline and a newsworthy angle with highlights of key elements make the press release smart. A well-written press release can earn valuable media attention. A press release should be short and crisp. Avoid too much jargon to avoid misunderstanding or alienation. Try out our PR writing services to get a professionally composed press release for your news announcements.

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Press Release Writing Made Simple

Whether it is an announcement of a product or service launch or talk about your accomplishments, PR is the medium to reach your audience. A piece of news is newsworthy only when it catches an eye of a reader. Putting the most important information first grabs the reader’s attention. While planning a PR at Brew My Brand, every word is scrutinized, strategically aligned, and structured to get immediate exposure.

Gain Unbiased Media Attention

General News

Proudly announce your accomplishments to the general public and the media.
Showcase your brand's USPs to the target audience
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Product Launch Release

Publicise your product release and build curiosity among the audience.
Be specific and accentuate the timeliness of the Product Launch announcement.
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Event Press Release

Let your target audience know the event details, such as date, time, venue and purpose.
Increase the visibility and hence the audience base for an event.
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Staff And Employee Press Release

Declare a new joiner or a unique achievement of your employee to make them feel recognized.
Motivate your team by identifying their talents.
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Expert Position Press Release

Build your brand's or an individual's credibility in a specific field.
Position an individual or company as a point of contact to source more information.
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A press release is a piece of content in a specific format for various announcements. There is blur line between content marketing and PR. PR is more meticulous, and the purpose is to reach the media and spread the news. Content Marketing is oriented toward lead generation and sales activities. The main difference between the two is that PR is essentially written for an announcement, and content for marketing is focused on SEO and online visibility.