What is branding? What is the importance of branding in Marketing?

Branding in Marketing is a technique used to tell your audience how you want them to identify you. A company that builds its unique identity among the audience is remembered for a longer time. A logo, a tagline, or a catchy ad can create a long-lasting impression. A brand, that is easily recognized by the people is considered to be established. Having said that branding is not all about advertisements, but how well your product or service is capable of solving the problems of the people.

Importance of Branding in Marketing

Branding in Marketing is positioning yourself and telling your audience why and how you are different from your competitors. Why someone should buy your products or services? How unique is your product? What makes it different? Cost, quality, safety, and user experience, which one of them is your unique selling proposition?

Until a few years ago, we used to relate the brands with the logo or its catchy tagline. Nike, Adidas, L’Oreal, Adobe, Coca-cola, KFC and many more started that way. All these brands have striking and impressive taglines. People got connected to these brands well, and the trust still exists.

Earlier newspaper ads, tv ads, billboards, and pamphlets were the means to reach the customers. The marketing strategy was all about, the more the people see, the more they will remember the brand. Branding has changed over the years. Your presence in media or tv is not enough. Your digital presence plays a crucial role in building trust among the audience.

Having a logo, website, social media channels, how well you interact with your audience, how transparent you are, how much information you share with your audience, and reviews of your existing customers, all of these add to your brand’s credibility. Not only does your presence count, but how well you understand your social responsibility and how well you carry out those duties are all observed by your audience. Precisely, branding is not just about talking, but walking the talk.

Branding is building a unique personality in front of the audience. A personality, that is impressive, loyal and trustworthy. Branding gives you the strength to understand and emotionally connect with your audience. It also helps you improvise your product or service in the process.

What makes a good brand?

The purpose of branding is to sell the products. However, it is not the only purpose. Branding is building trust, an ever-lasting relationship with your audience, and a voice that is heard by everyone. A brand that focuses on providing a quality service, wins the battle of competition very easily. Therefore, branding is also selling quality products or services. 

“Products are made in the factory but brands are created in the mind”. – Walter Landor.

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